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Publish tasks and achieve targets.

Complete tasks and make money.

How It Works?


Post a task

Set a reward amount for each offer completion

Achieve targets


Choose a task

Follow instructions for successful completion

Get rewarded


A community powered forum where people come together to make things happen.

As a Publisher on Multiplyzer you can post any task, set a reward and our community will help you achieve your targets. There are a variety of ways to fund your account including PayPal and Bank Transfers, aswell as by completing offers on adsrepay.com and gamesrepay.com and more …

As a User you can choose between a variety of tasks to complete and get paid. Simply follow instructions of the offer you wish to complete and get paid. You will also have access to a variety of other ways to earn money; paid surveys, games, rewarded videos and more.


Real people, Real work done.

We make sure that there are no bots in our community.

Multiple ways to earn money.

Complete offers posted by our users, aswell get access to 100`s of other ways to make money.

Validate offer completions.

Publishers have the option to choose “proof of completion”. Users will be paid once they submit a proof of completion.

You are in control.

Publishers have the option to pause or cancel their offer any time.

Reach unlimited people.

Publishers can target people from specific Geo locations. Offer tasks to 1 or millions of people, whatever you budget maybe.

You set the price.

Publishers set the reward amount upon completion. You can change the reward setting at any time. See what works and make changes accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Multiplyzer is available to everyone around the world. You will find global and geo specific offers, depending on the publisher’s requirement.

Besides offers on Multiplyzer you also have access to adsrepay.com and gamesrepay.com offers. Try it out, the experience is seamless and the amount earned from adsrepay.com and gamesrepay.com can be used for publishing tasks on Multiplyzer

The amount you can earn depends on how many tasks are available in your geo location and the reward value for each task.

Besides the tasks posted on Multiplyzer, you will also have access to paid offers, surveys, rewarded video and games on adsrepay.com and gamesrepay.com

PayPal, Adsrepay Points, Gamesrepay Points, Cypto (coming soon)

Adsrepay and Gamesrepay both provide online earning opportunities. Your points seamlessly transfer to Multiplyzer and vice versa.

A community powered forum where people come together to help each other achieve their targets. You can publish a task that needs to be done and set a reward amount or complete tasks posted by other users and earn money. Its that simple.

We are strict about our user verification process. At Multiplyzer use of VPN, clickbots, auto clickers, ip manipulation or any suspicious activity will get you banned.